Top 5 aspects to visit Dubai expo 2020 at least once in a lifetime!

Dubai EXPO 2020 is all about “connecting minds and creating Future,” the future with all the endless possibilities. So, Yes, Visiting Dubai EXPO 2020 is a must in your lifetime.

With 192 countries in one place, Each country has its pavilion so that we can explore all the cultural and modern happenings of each country.


No Event can end without entertainment, whether it’s cultural or western. The Dubai EXPO 2020 has some most exciting and high-class entertainment events. The Artists and performers from all corners participated in the EXPO 2020. Oscar Nominee, A.R. Rahman teamed up with director Shekar Kapur, Orchestrated Why? The Musical!, a musical spectacle with 100+ dancers at Al Wasl Plaza in January 2020.

After lifting all the restrictions in 2022, People from all over the globe started visiting EXPO 2020 in large numbers. Even the most-followed performers and artists like Ellie Goulding, an English singer, Performed her best hits on the stage of the EXPO. Indian artists like Salman khan, Pooja hedge, Nora Fatehi, Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai were at the EXPO 2020 in early 2022.


With 192 countries together, I bet there won’t be anything less than a global Awakening in art and architecture. The massive architectures inside the pavilions give the overall detailed overview of the designs. Where art meets architecture, inside the walls of EXPO 2020, the artisans displayed the best works of their lifetimes and from history.

The important arts of 192 countries are well portrayed by impeccable artists, who perform and show the art of their national ethnicity. The world-renewed architects did an exceptional job creating the best pavilions of DUBAI EXPO 2020. The ‘museum of the future is a new landmark in Dubai, the world’s most beautiful building.


Flying cars are a thing now in Dubai. Many people have started spotting flying cars coming out from the world’s most beautiful buildings recently. Well, the world is moving forward with technological advancements. From American SpaceX Rocket to cutting-edge innovations, Dubai EXPO 2020 is filled with bots assisting guests in many ways. The sustainability aspect of the expo is to preserve the wildlife and aquatic species from exposure of the non-organic world. The aspects include conserving the natural elements. The sustainability pavilion is filled with dark rain forests, Deep ocean views, and remarkable fossils.


Explore the food cultures and tastes from different countries. The Dubai EXPO 2020 holds cuisines from more than 200 countries with plant-based to fine drinks. It is delicious to have such an extensive menu to choose from. Also, the sustainable foods, African wood culture atmosphere, and Czech bars are some of the must-visit reasons. From the climatic changes to technology, the foods will be affected. Sustainable packing and futuristic culinary activities like robotic restaurants are widely spreading across the globe.


The Al Wasl Dome or Plaza is the beating heart of the EXPO. The inaugural ceremony of the Dubai EXPO 2020 took place in the Al Wasl Dome. It is an open-air lobby with the world’s largest 360-degree projection theatre. Al Wasl Dome projects the world map and can also detect the climate changes and display them from time to time. Al wasl dome projects the climatic changes and deep ocean catastrophic events all over the globe.

There are many other reasons like Surplus retails, creating your own aircraft, and lots of fun-filled activities worth visiting Dubai EXPO 2020 and making it the best experience.

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